What does BSN stand for in Nursing?

By on June 20, 2012
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What does BSN stand for in nursing, you ask? This is a common question asked by many students who are looking into the medical field to possibly pursue a career as a nurse. BSN is the acronym for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing college degree or (BSN) and is often used in discussion to distinguish the type of nursing program a student is considering.

what does bsn stand for in nursing dictionary

Knowledge is Power

There are many pathways into nursing, but earning a BSN versus an Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) to become a registered nurse (RN) has many advantages including extra career opportunities and better pay. With the $69,110 average pay per year for RNs across the the US, a career in nursing can be very lucrative (source Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2011).

Like most college degrees, earning a BSN can be quite challenging; however, this degree teaches you a unique skill-set (including clinical experience) that is highly sought after by employees once you pass your (NCLEX-RN) exam and become a certified nurse.

How long does it take to earn a BSN?

Earning a BSN will usually take 4 years to complete; however, if you already have a bachelors degree there are “accelerated programs” that can be completed in as short 12 months. Program length is dependent upon certain school programs (which varies widely) and your previous education.

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