BSN Nursing Salary

A BSN nursing salary, on average, is consistently one of the highest paid professions in the United States. As, of May 2011 the Department of Labor Statistics (BLS) sited a 26% employment growth until 2020 with an average nurse salary of $69,110 ( and $83,000 from for registered nurses with the top 10% earning $96,630.

bsn nursing salary by state

Top 10% Registered Nurse Average ~ $96, 630

Remember, “nothing in life comes easy”, so with increased pay, comes higher expectations and requires further education (i.e, BSN or MSN). Therefore, if your an LPN or LVN and would like to earn more money as a registered nurse (RN),  you

should consider enrolling in an LPN to BSN program to earn a Bachelor of Science degree versus an Associates Degree. An advanced degree not only ensures increased wages, but creates more career opportunities that require a BSN degree.

Registered Nurse Salary: How much do new registered nurses make?

Many nursing students often wonder how much they will earn if they become a certified RN or earn their BSN, but the salary of nurse really depends the few factors below. In addition to these factors your salary will vary based on bonuses received and your overall compensation package (i.e., healthcare, vacation days, sick leave, etc.).

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